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Wig Problems (Matt/Mike drabble)
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Title: Wig Problems
Rating/Warnings: PG? It's slash, but nothing major.
Word Count: 348
Characters/Pairings: Mike Chang/Matt Rutherford
Summary: "Who are you texting?!" "Mike Chang! He's got wig problems." (S1E11 "Hairography")
A/N: I don't own Glee or either of these lovely boys, sadly.

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Matt: Dude. How the hell did that happen?

Mike: I don't know!

Mike: Can you just come help me?!



Mike watched as his boyfriend doubled over in a fit of laughter before he even stepped through the doorway to the bedroom. He knew Matt would want an explanation, but honestly, it was just embarrassing. Mike just stared, unamused, at Matt, arms crossed across his chest as best he could from the awkward position he was stuck in. Mike was much too tall to be dancing around on his bed, and it probably hadn't been a good idea to practice his hairography up there either.


Okay, shut up,” Mike snapped at a still-laughing Matt.


How... How?” Matt choked out.


I was practicing,” Mike explained, gesturing to his laptop, which was playing the instrumental to the mash-up they were working on in glee. “And I can't get the freaking thing off because my sister pinned it on for me.”


Matt held in a laugh and hopped up onto the bed to help get Mike untangled from the ceiling fan. Once the black hair of Mike's wig was out of the metal of the fan, Matt let out another laugh, and was promptly punched on the arm. The wig was all over the place, fake hair sticking up in all directions.


Next time I'm calling someone else,” Mike said, frowning at Matt and walking over to the mirror on the back of his bedroom door to pry the wig off.


C'mon,” Matt said gently, gentle hands helping the other dancer pull the pins out from under the wig. “I'm sorry.” He took the wig off Mike and patted down his boyfriend's actual hair. He caught Mike's pout in the mirror and wrapped his arms tightly around the shorter teenager's waist, despite Mike's protest. He pressed his lips against the point where Mike's neck met his shoulder and smiled. “You're never living this down.”


You're an ass.”


I love you.”


I love you, too.”


ficlet: let it rain.
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Title: Let it Rain
Rating: PG
Word Count: 363
Characters/Pairings: Noah Puckerman
Summary: She hates storms; he hates it when she cries.
A/N: Glee doesn't belong to me. This was just a random plot bunny that attacked me at four am. I couldn't sleep until I had written it. Hope you enjoy. xo.


Dark eyes squinted at the doorway, where the silhouette of a little girl stood. He reached up, running a hand through his disheveled mohawk and frowned.

“Yeah?” he answered, his voice hoarse from disuse.

“Where's Mom?”

The girl's somnolent question rested in the air for a few moments before he spoke again. “Dunno, Sarah,” he mumbled. “Why?” He knew exactly where his mother was. Well, not the precise location, but the sixteen-year-old knew she was out getting wasted. That had been her Friday night ritual for as long as he could remember, but he wasn't about to tell his little sister that.

“I want her,” Sarah Puckerman replied simply in a small voice.

“Sarah, she's out.”

“It's storming.”

Sure enough, a few seconds after the small girl's whining complaint, an enormous clap of thunder sounded just outside the window, and Noah's annoyance dripped away. He sighed. Sarah was afraid of storms, and usually went to sleep in their mother's bed when the weather would keep her awake. Noah noticed that she'd stepped further into the room, obviously wanting to be comforted.

“You can sleep with me.” As soon as the words escaped his lips, Sarah bounded over to him, crawling under the warm comforter with her older brother. Once she was settled, Noah nestled himself back into bed. The room lit up briefly before another boom of thunder resonated through the house. Sarah whimpered softly and snuggled into Noah's side. He heard a soft sob from his sister and sighed. “Don't cry,” he murmured. He hated it when she cried.

“I'm scared.” A tear dripped onto Noah's forearm, which she was clinging tightly to.

“Don't be,” he whispered, wrapping his free arm around her shoulders. “The storm's not gonna hurt you.”

“It might.” Her voice was weak with fear. Noah leaned down to press a kiss to her dark hair.

“I won't let it,” he promised.

As the storm quieted, so did Sarah. She'd stopped crying and released his arm from her iron grip, though Noah's other arm lingered around her shoulders. It took only a few moments for the broken little family to fall asleep and for the storm to subside completely.




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Sooner or Later...
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I suppose I'll have to introduce myself sooner or later, unfortunately. Honestly, I really hate talking (and writing) about myself, so I'll try to make this as succinct as possible:

You can call me pixie, if you'd like. Mostly everyone does. I love glee, obviously, and my favorite couples right now are Puckurt and Brittana, though I really like Quick, too. Since I joined Livejournal (which was only a few days ago), I've been roaming around the glee fics and pages devoted to my favorite pairings, but eventually, I plan on getting some things written (drabbles, ficlets, possibly even multi-part fics; we'll see) soon.

You should know that I am still a high school student, but I won't be for long. That should give you some clues as to how old I am (since you're not supposed to ask a lady her age). Hah.

Well, I think that's about it for me right now. If you want to talk, send me a message. I'm always happy to talk to new people. :3

Also, if you have any tips for me on writing glee fics, I'd greatly appreciate them. (Hey, even if you want to throw a request my way, I'd be happy to oblige).

'Kay, I'm done talking about me, now. ;p

xo, pixie.


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